Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines ROM Download

Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines ROM
ROM NameAssassin’s Creed – Bloodlines
Developer & PublisherGriptonite Games | Ubisoft
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateNovember 17, 2009
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Assassin’s creed – Bloodlines is a video game which based on venturesome and operation released in the year 2009 which was revealed by Ubisoft and implemented under Griptonite Games. Here the Bloodlines which follows Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad because he departs to Cyprus for sort out the last leftover of the Templar order. The game also investigates the relationship between Altair and Maria Thorpe, who is an agent of Templar and Altair rescued her in the first game and then becomes his wife. The Portable Play Station (PSP) console was declared on June 2009 via Sony in a conference & side by side the Bloodlines was also revealed on November 2009.


Here, if we look into the style of controlling, particular keys and buttons of this game it is very same to Assassin’s creed. There are also some another characteristic features which are already been expelled such as Eagle vision. There is a variation in two games that is a number of civilians were exist in the first game. But there were no civilians in another one. And the civilians react with the imperfect behavior of Altair such as running in to the road. The scholars are existing in the game but Altair can’t utilize those scholars as a path to hide. Due to scheme control, Bloodlines was demoted as well as due to platform method, Blending was degraded.

The movement of low and high profiles are existing in the game then also degraded. In this game, three types of coins are existing that are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The gold having the highest value.

Predominantly, the game has been set up on the island of Cyprus. There the player may liberally investigate the cities of Limassol and Kyrenia.


  •  A consolidatable feature i.e., Templar coins may be conducted to fix up the health bar of the player.
  •  It is also used to fix up the amount of harm that an instrument can provide or put on.
  • In the game Achievement, the player will be rewarded with Templar coins.
  • One Unique feature that is Altair can reclaim his throwing knife by walking on the used ones.


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