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Ben 10 - Protector Of Earth ROM
ROM NameBen 10 – Protector Of Earth
Developer & PublisherD3 Publisher
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateOctober 30, 2007
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Ben 10 – Protector of Earth is an action video game that contains lots of adventure gameplay. It is mainly inspired by the well-known animated show or series of Ben 10. After being released, the game became very popular because of its excellent story and the popularity of its TV series. For that, the game sold 2.5 million plus copies from all over the world.

As a player, you become Ben Tennyson and your main goal is to defeat the superpower villain Vilgax. During this, you can explore the different areas and regions across the world. Mostly the game contains USA maps and cities as well.

Meet various types of aliens from the enemy’s side which mostly the army of Vilgax. And they are trying to destroy the earth and the inhabitants on this planet. So, your main job is to recover from that vast distraction and fight against all of them.


The gameplay starts at night when Ben with his grandfather and cousin comes to a mysterious place. Now, when they sleeping, Ben wakes with a loud noise and he comes to the place. There he finds a device that looks like a wristwatch named Omnitrix. After that, he became the first aline named Heatblast. Also, later became XLR8, Cannonbolt, Four Arms, etc.

In the beginning, there are few alines available and later players can unlock 5 more alines. There are multiple levels and missions available for the players. When you complete a few levels, more alines on the Omnitrix will unlocked. Also, gamers can control the alien forms without losing the energy of it.

The game contains a variety of moves, attacks, and powers as well. Because of different alines come with their own attacking skills and power. So, it is pretty important to provide the original attacking skills and ability.


  • It comes with an excellent and immersive story. Also, it was mainly inspired by the TV episodes of Ben 10.
  • Fight against the most powerful villain Vilgax with the help of Omnitrix. Players will become all the heroes named Heatblast, XLR8, Four Arms, Grey Matter, Ghostfreak, Ditto, and more.
  • There are lots of action combat are available and players need to fight with a special attack. Also, it required a powerful strategy as well.
  • Travel and explore different areas in the USA region by Bus.
  • The game also contains various puzzles and challenges as well. You need to solve them to complete the game.


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