Bleach – Heat The Soul 7 PSP ROM Download

Bleach - Heat The Soul 7 PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherEighting, SCEI
GenreAction, Fighting
File FormatISO
RegionAsia, Japan
Released DateSeptember 2, 2010
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“Bleach – Heat the Soul 7 ” is a game based on action & struggle. This game is the latest segmentation in the above game series. It was discharged in the year 2010, September 2. This game was also revealed via SCE and implemented through Eighting.  The following are fresh & new playable characters: Ichigo Kurosaki (Full Hollow), Allon (Ayon), Baraggan Luisenbarn (Arrogante), Tier Harribel (Tiburon), Yammy Liargo (Ira), Ulquiorra Cifer (Segunda Etapa), Muramasa, Hachigen Ushoda, Love Aikawa, and Shuren.  Here, only 84 characters are playable. A 4-player mode is a primary modification in this game. Fighting against extreme characters is a component of the game. 


Players can use more than 80 characters from the series to get involved in a violent battle. However, the game has many characters, and each has special skills and moves. You can play the above game alone. And also play with friends in multiplayer modes where you can take on AI opponents.

In the game, combo control is essential for players to engage in fast-paced conflict. Every fighter possesses a unique “Bankai” modification that generates their power significantly. The combat system is flexible. It places a high value on using each character’s abilities and timing strategically.

The game allows players to recall famous battles with an interesting “Story Mode”. It follows important anime curved lines. Furthermore, the “Mission Mode” presents unique challenges that improve replay value and variety. Gaining points through mission and battle completion allows you to unlock new characters and options for modifications.

There is also a “Soul Code” system in this game.  Players can modify character stats to suit their preferred style of play. The basis of anime is captured by lively graphics and fluid animations. Also, it enhances the visual beauty of every fight. Even inexperienced players can quickly pick up the controls. And then they enjoy the action thanks to simple gameplay. In this game, take control of the battleground, develop your favorite characters, and explore an interesting new world.


  • Take on the roles of more than 80 different Bleach characters.
  • In battle, activate damaging alterations and unique movements.
  • Play fun games to recall important anime storylines.
  • To receive rewards and access new content, complete a variety of challenges.
  • Adjust a character’s stats to fit your style of play.
  • Take in incredible videos and graphics that perfectly represent the spirit of the anime.


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