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Burnout Dominator ROM
ROM NameBurnout Dominator
Developer & PublisherElectronic Arts
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Japan, Europe
Released Date6 March 2007
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“Burnout Dominator” is a video game based on racing which was revealed by Electronic Arts & improved via EA UK in 2007. In dozens of World Tour events, drivers point out their “reckless skill-based” driving tactics while racing at a higher speed. Even though the Criterion game’s logo appears at beginning, this is the only Burnout game that wasn’t created by them. Criterion was working hard on game series of Paradise during implementation of Dominator. It knew about the opportunity to reactivate the mode for that game in a different format.


Firstly, the primary objective of this game is returning of “Burnouts,” which occur when a boost meter has been fully utilized without pausing. Before the boost meter is fully charged, the Game’s boost meter is mostly orange flames; after that, the flames turn blue. Boost meter’s arrows will glow on if you drive with carelessness while using his supercharged boost. Qualities like Crash Mode, Traffic Attack Mode, Traffic Checking, and online multiplayer support have been deleted from the previous game.

Secondly, the seven series that create up the World Tour, the game’s primary single-player option, are divided according to various car classes. Classic, Factory, Tuned, Hot Rod, Super, Race Specials, and Dominator are series. While certain vehicles from the first two games are included in the roster, the majority of the vehicles are brand-new. The World Tour’s fresh threats and tournaments consist of 9 categories. They are (I) Race (II) Eliminator (III) Maniac Mode (IV) Road Rage (V) Burnout Challenge (VI) Drift Challenge (VII) Near Miss Challenge (VIII) Grand Prix (IX) Burning Lap.


  • Take involvement with strong fast races using rash driving skills.
  •  As you move forward, collect rewards and unlock new vehicles and challenges.
  •  Engage in a range of unique locations throughout the world.
  •  Gain boosts by taking chances and coming close to accidents.


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