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Crash Of The Titans PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherRadical Entertainment, Vivendi Games
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
Released DateOctober 16, 2007
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A brawler game called Crash of the Titans was created under Radical Entertainment and revealed by Vivendi Games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, and PlayStation Portable. It is the last Crash Bandicoot game released through Vivendi Games before Activision’s merger with a company the following year and the first, without a Japanese release. A Nintendo DS version of game was created under Amaze Entertainment. The game is the sixth title in the main franchise and the fourteenth installment in the Crash Bandicoot video game series.

When Crash of Titans was first released, reviews were divided. While most critics praised the game’s jacking mechanic, graphics, voice acting, and humor, the combat system and fixed camera acquired criticism. Three awards were proposed for game. The show’s main character, Crash Bandicoot, has to stop Cortex and Nina by using the tactic known as “jacking” to seize control of Titans and destroy them while gathering mojo. He also has to save his sister Coco, who has been abducted and made to assist Titans in creating a doomsday machine that will support Cortex and Nina’s attempt to rule the world.


With four lives at first, Crash is in game. Each life that Crash has is determined by his health meter, which drops whenever he is hurt through enemy fire or tumbles into a bottomless pit. By gathering Wumpa Fruit, the player can restore Crash’s health meter. Crash loses a life every time the health meter runs out. However, after gathering 25,000 units of the magical material Mojo or a unique variety of Golden Wumpa Fruit, player can give Crash one more life.

The player can resume the current episode to continue playing after last life is lost. There’s a portal in every episode that takes the player to a straightforward mini-game arena with time constraints. Typically, the objective entails obtaining a predetermined amount of Mojo, utilizing a titan’s powers to jack it, or just eliminating a certain number of opponents. After defeating a certain number of minions, taking down three robotic restrooms, or dealing a minimum number of consecutive hits in battle, a player can increase their rank and unlock a bronze, silver, or gold voodoo doll after each episode.

The player takes control of Crash Bandicoot in the beat-em-up game Crash of the Titans, which features platforming elements. Crash’s primary goal is to save his home, Wumpa Island, from being destroyed under the main antagonist’s enormous robot and to rescue his sister, Coco. The player’s initial objective is to save the sentient mask Aku Aku, which can be used as a board to help Crash navigate slick terrain, provide basic instructions to the player, and protect Crash from enemy attacks. From then on, every level (referred to as an “episode”) requires players to either advance through the episode or finish battles against massive groups of enemies.


  • After removing powerful creatures in battle take control of them and mount them.
  • A battle quickly through employing a range of combination moves and special attacks.
  • To improve Crash’s fighting skills, unlock and improve his abilities.
  • Take pleasure in simple, entertaining gameplay that is appropriate for players of all ages and ability levels.
  • Find collectibles and hidden objects lying throughout the game’s stages.


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