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Dante's Inferno ROM
ROM NameDante’s Inferno
Developer & PublisherElectronic Arts
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe, Japan
Released DateFebruary 4, 2010
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Dante’s Inferno is a video game that is focused on operation – exploration and Whizz revealed in 2010. Firstly, Visceral Games released it on many platforms, while Electronic Arts made it available. The story of the game is slightly focused on Inferno which is the verse of Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.

The crusades that poet Virgil exhibits from his spirit. The player monitors Dante from the angle of a third person in the game. Scythe is the main weapon that may be utilized as a series of alliances of invasion & concluding moves. However, this game has obtained definitive reviews due to the designation of sound, voice, and art.


Secondly, here we can see that, the player monitors Dante and the master of the game. Its premier weapon is a scythe used for concluding moves & alliance attacks. This has a Holy Cross which primarily fires a discharge of energy as a missile invasion in the game. It may use several invasions which is magic magic-based and several have been received due to improvement of the game.

Thirdly, a quick-time event method has been coming and used for trying to release the evil of its leader during battle. And here if a player wants to continue the chain of invasion then the player should press the highlighted button which is on the screen. Most importantly, the game includes oscillation between the climbing wall and ropes. There are several secret ascensions where Biblical ruins may be found.  However, it is decorated for the implementation of the capabilities of the above-mentioned character.


  •  Bind in rapid-paced, savage battle hostile to haunted animals and an infernal dominator.
  •  Discharged the capabilities of Dante may be holy power or unholy power for giving solutions to puzzles and defeating the foe.
  •  Involved in the rhapsodic departure via nine circles of Hell.


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