Dragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2 ROM Download

Dragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2 ROM
ROM NameDragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2
Developer & PublisherAtari
File FormatISO
RegionEurope, Japan
Released DateMarch 20, 2007
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An anime and manga series showcased through Dumps are the main subjects in the Japanese fighting video game “Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai 2”. Firstly, it was made public via Bandai in Europe and Japan accompanied by Atari in South Africa, North America, Australia, and other regions. In 2003, it was exempted for Play Station 2, and in 2004, for GameCube.


Secondly, in this game, eight players can compete with the opposition players due to the consent of the World Tournament in Martial Arts Tournament (MAR). It is also permitted that a player may visualize the match amongst two fighters or battlers. There is no availability of prizes if the presence of a human player is more than one but the reward may be won only with one human player.

The character editing, instructions, and skill shop are the three sections used in this game. Skill shop is the region of getting capsules of skill and a player may modify the skills. Based on how many the player has gathered in Dragon World, Bulma (a dragon character) will put on various costumes.

Health bar and Ki bar are the two bars that every character has. When the health is terminated then the character is missed out as like or else video game. But Ki bar is needed to enact some particular moves and Ki outbursts. The characters avoided the attacks of this game.


  •  Develop the roles of more than 20 well-known characters in this game, with special powers and changes.
  •  Fight quickly while utilizing unique weapons and advanced fighting strategies.
  •  Play exciting head-to-head battles against opponents.
  •  Equip your fighters with a variety of abilities and enhancements.
  •  As you develop, uncover secret characters and stages.


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