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Developer & PublisherEA Sports
File FormatISO
Released DateSeptember 25, 2012
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Under the EA Sports banner, Electronic Arts broadcasts FIFA 13, a video game that simulates football and is designed by EA Canada. Most regions saw the game’s release in late September 2012; the Japanese version wasn’t available until October. It brought First Touch Control and other novel characteristics to the FIFA series and brand-new celebrations. The following teams were playable in the game’s demo, made available on September 11, 2012: It was downloaded 1.99 million times in three days, including Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Juventus, A.C. Milan, and Arsenal.


Firstly Its elaborate gameplay, realistic physics, and refined mechanics completely transform the soccer gaming experience. The new “First Touch Control” system, which considers a player’s skill, speed, and positioning to make ball handling more realistic, is at the heart of the game. Thus, every contact with the ball feels individual and has the power to make or break a play. By improving players’ decision-making, the “Attacking Intelligence” feature enables AI allies to position themselves more advantageously and generate scoring opportunities.

More importantly in Career Mode, where you can manage a team, handle transfers, and take your club to victory, players can choose from various game modes. In the Seasons mode, you can compete online while trying to move up the division ranks. While in the Ultimate Team mode, you can assemble your ideal team by obtaining or purchasing packs that contain player cards.

One-on-one situations become more dynamic and skill-based thanks to the game’s improved dribbling mechanics, which offer greater precision. Just as difficult is defense, which calls for timing and tactical awareness. A revised free-kick system in this game provides players with additional customization options for set-up pieces. Here, players develop these game mechanics through practice and strategic gameplay. Soccer knowledge, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking are all necessary for success in this game, whether you’re playing alone or against others online. The gaming experience is remarkable as it immerses players in the thrilling world of professional soccer. It is through authentic presentation, which features lifelike player animations, realistic stadiums, and dynamic commentary. This truly captures the beauty of the game.


  • Using special touches, experience realistic ball handling.
  • For dynamic one-on-one situations, use precise dribbling.
  • Oversee transfers, lead teams, and pursue excellence.
  • Defensive play is based on timing and tactics.
  • Utilize player cards to assemble your ideal roster.
  • Climb the division ranks by competing online.


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