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ROM NameFIFA Street 2
Developer & PublisherElectronic Arts, EA Sports BIG
File FormatISO
Released DateFebruary 28, 2006
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EA Sports video game FIFA Street was followed up with FIFA Street 2. Additionally, new real tricks were added, along with a new “trick stick beat” system. Firstly, the game was made available for mobile phones, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2. Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is the athlete featured on the game cover. Despite being an improvement over the original FIFA Street, the home console versions of the game only garnered mediocre reviews. However, the absence of those innovations in the handheld versions—especially on the DS—was met with disapproval.


This game transforms the soccer gaming industry with its exciting and distinct gameplay. Secondly, in contrast to conventional soccer games, street football, where players play racing, and freestyle matches in cities worldwide. The mentioned game stands out due to its emphasis on skill and flair, which lets players execute incredible flips, tricks, and movements to outsmart their rivals and score amazing goals. A wide range of players from various cultures and backgrounds can be found in the game, and they all have unique playing styles and signature moves

Thirdly, the goal of the street football game is to win by scoring a certain number of goals or points through tricks, or within a set amount of time. Players can take control of 4-a-side versions of national football teams. One creates a player in the “Rule the Streets” career mode, and he competes in international tournaments to earn “Skill Bills” that can be used to purchase clothes and raise his rating. Special moves used by the best players are frequently called after their nicknames. Lastly, if players keep playing, then football legends like Abedi Pele, Zico, and Carlos Alberto Torres will unlock. Lastly, the player may lead his street football squad and eventually represent his country internationally.


  • Play in well-known street spots with distinct ambiances all over the world.
  • There are various games with fast matches, tournaments, and street challenges.
  • Users can pick from a range of players, each with their specialties and methods of play.
  • Use the trick stick control system to make quick, accurate movements.
  • Play online against players worldwide or with friends locally.
  • Develop your tactics and abilities to rule the street football scene.


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