Fight Night Round 3 (USA+EU) PSP ISO

Fight Night Round 3 PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherEA Chicago, EA Sports
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateFebruary 20, 2006
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Electronic Arts is the developer of the boxing video game Fight Night Round 3. It is a follow-up to the 2005 boxing game Fight Night Round 2, which was published by EA Sports. In this game series, it is the third boxing game. However, it has all standard upgrades, such as enhanced gameplay, and visuals. On February 20, 2006, this third edition game became available for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 2. Moreover, November 30, 2006, was the release date of the mobile phone version and after five days, the PlayStation 3 version was made available.

There are several variations between the versions of the game that have been issued for different video game platforms such as on the sixth-generation editions, Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward are shown on the cover. Oscar De La Hoya is the cover star of the 7th generation of the product. First-person play is limited to the PS3 version. However, Evander Holyfield was not included in the lineup for the PS3 edition.


Firstly, this boxing game is authentic and powerful, providing a very engaging boxing experience. To accurately reflect their real-life counterparts, a wide roster of well-known boxers has been thoroughly rebuilt for this game and experience the rush of every punch and prevent stimulating battles held in iconic locations. Moreover, the gorgeous realism in the game’s graphics perfectly conveys the blood, sweat, and mud of the sport.

Secondly, in the game, you select a boxer and go into the ring to overcome your foe with clever techniques. You may execute a wide range of strikes barriers, and counterattacks thanks to the simple controls. Timing and accuracy are essential; a well-placed blow may change the course of a fight. In the career mode, you may lead your boxer across a series of obstacles to win the title of champion. Moreover, in-between-fight training sessions help you develop your abilities and qualities.  And That is needed to take on stronger competitors. A new level of skill is introduced by the “Total Punch Control” feature in the game. It calls for careful utilization of the virtual sticks on the controller to deliver authentic and potent hits.

Thirdly, in contrast to earlier iterations, round 3’s default setup does not include a heads-up display (HUD). As a result, players can determine their energy and stamina levels. It’s by observing their motions, posture, and facial expressions, rather than using the traditional stamina meter. Open-weight bouts are permitted during the above game, which has a field of 27 licensed athletes. Thus, in exhibitions, every player on the roster is allowed to fight every other player.


  • Every blow, drop of humidity, and mark is captured with genuine accuracy in stunning authenticity.
  • Excellent recreations of well-known boxers provide a genuine experience.
  • You can manage your punches with accuracy and ease using “Total Punch Control.”
  • You may construct and lead a boxer to championship success in career mode.
  • Boxing is made more immersive by iconic locations.
  • Precise timing and clever plays are rewarded.
  • In-between-match training sessions enhance fighter traits and skill sets.


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