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Ghost Rider PSP ROM
ROM NameGhost Rider
Developer & Publisher2K Games
File FormatISO
RegionEurope, USA
Released DateFebruary 13, 2007
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It is a 2007 video game that emerged in the film of 2007 named “Ghost Rider”. This is a Whizz and hack game discharged in Game Boy Advance, PS2, and PSP. A version of Xbox actually was about to be revealed but it was withdrawn. Composite reviews have been obtained on Game Boy Advance and PS2 but negative reviews for the PSP version. If we look into a tale of this game which happened after the instances seen in cinema. It was written by writers of Marvel named Garth Ennis & Jimmy Palmiotti. In this game, villains are from comics & also from films that comprise Lilith, scarecrows, etc. Players may also play on foot or maybe in Hellcycle as a Ghost Rider.


Discussing gameplay, we can tell that the memorial method to Devil May Cry & God Of War still has the same invasion style as well as control. Unlike traditional action games, Ghost Rider’s gameplay goes beyond simple combat, offering a multifaceted experience that delves deep into the character’s tormented psyche. As players speed through haunting landscapes astride Ghost Rider’s iconic motorcycle, they’re not just engaging in high-speed pursuits; they’re embarking on a spiritual journey of redemption. The combat mechanics of the game go beyond simple button-mashing, requiring players to master Ghost Rider’s arsenal of infernal powers and chain-based attacks to vanquish demonic adversaries. Each battle is not just a test of reflexes, but a visceral exploration of the character’s inner unrest.


  • Ride by nesting scenery on Ghost Rider’s flaming bike and steering by barriers.
  • Involve in epic boss fighting against the strongest demon lords.
  • Plan your attack and make use of Ghost Rider’s special skills.


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