God Of War – Chains Of Olympus ROM Download

God Of War - Chains Of Olympus ROM
ROM NameGod Of War – Chains Of Olympus
Developer & PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
File FormatISO
RegionAsia, Europe, Japan, USA
Released DateMarch 4, 2008
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“God of War – Chains of Olympus” is a Whizz – hack and explorative-operative video game and SCE released this. It was implemented by Ready at Dawn. This game is the fourth segment in the above game series.

Slightly, it is focused on the mythology of Greece which is fit in the old Greece having prime motto with revenge.  A battler Spartan treats the Olympian God and the Player monitors the kratos. The goddess Athena exhibits Kratos who teaches him how to find the sun God – Helios. Morpheus and the Queen of the underworld Persephone aimed to demolish the pillar of the world.


Here, the gameplay is similar to perhaps the preceding segment. So, Morpheus beasts, banshees, shades, fire guards, death knights, and Hyperion guards that made for the game. The player needs the platforming element because of oscillating on the ropes, bouncing over the chasm, balancing over the timber, and going up to walls.

As the game was implemented, the new arms were achieved with the help of kratos which are the Gauntlet of Zeus & the sun shield. He achieves the “The Relic Triton’s Lance” that is like the preceding one “The Poseidon’s Trident in God of War” which will permit him to take breath underwater for the character Kratos.

Challenge mode is also known as “Challenge of Hades” in the game. Besides, it is beneficial for the players to finish a series of particular tasks. Extra awards will also be awarded because of completing each complex level.


  • In features, one of the “Quick Time Events” is useful for a player to finish the game maintainer operation in a sequence time for collapsing the Enemies.
  • The use of platforming and puzzling elements is also one of the main characteristics.
  • In the alternative, a player may use the three magical attacks in the game.
  • Players can succeed by using prime arms i.e., the Blades of Chaos, and secondary arms in the total game.


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