God of War – Ghost of Sparta ROM Download

God of War – Ghost of Sparta ROM
ROM NameGod Of War – Ghost Of Sparta
Developer & PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
GenreAction, Adventure, Role-Playing
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Asia, Europe
Released DateNovember 2, 2010
5/5 - (3)


The operational and adventurous – hack and slash video game God of War: Ghost of Sparta was created by Ready at Dawn and presented by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). On November 2, 2010, it was initially made available for the handheld PlayStation Portable (PSP) system. In terms of chronology, the game is the fourth in the series of the above-mentioned game and the sixth overall. This is set in ancient Greece has revenge as its main theme, and is loosely based on Greek mythology.

Kratos is the main character that the player controls. He chooses to investigate his origins since he is still plagued by visions from his past as a mortal. It has platforming and puzzle components as well. Updated combat characteristics 25% more gameplay than the Chains of Olympus version, the game’s PSP predecessor. Critics appreciated the game for its plot, scope, and graphical graphics. But they complained about it for generally lacking the innovative gameplay of this version and its predecessor. According to several critics, it’s the most visually appealing console game.


If we talk about the gameplay, a stationary camera is used to view the third-person single-player video game. Greek mythology-inspired enemies such as cyclops, harpies, gorgons, satyrs, and minotaurs are faced by the player as Kratos. And it’s a character that combines hack-and-slash combo-based combat, platforming, and puzzle game elements. Though inspired by mythology, the Triton warriors, Boreas beasts, persons, automatons, undead legionnaires, and keres wraiths were all designed especially for the game.

To advance through certain game sections, the player must use platforming elements such as wall going up, chasm jumping, rope swinging, and beam balancing. Certain puzzles are straightforward, like moving a box to allow the player to use it to reach a pathway that is inaccessible by regular jumping, but other puzzles are trickier, like finding multiple items in various game areas to unlock a single door. Kratos’ primary firearms consist of the Blades of Athena, which are two blades fastened to chains that encircle the character’s forearms and wrists.

During gameplay, players can perform a variety of offensive maneuvers with blades. Kratos can now launch air-to-air attacks and “pummel enemies to the ground as well as throw them” thanks to updates to the combat system. Additionally, an “augmented death system” is employed, which includes magic death animations and particular weaponry. The Challenge of the Gods is the name of the challenge mode in this game.


  • Explore Kratos’ enigmatic past through an engaging story.
  • Battle strongly using visceral, fluid combat mechanics.
  • Take on powerful creatures from Greek mythology.
  • Complex puzzles and platforming will test your mental faculties.
  • Consider the beautiful scenery and complex surroundings.
  • Explore ancient Greece and unearth hidden secrets and treasures.
  • Meet difficult boss battles that put your tactics and abilities to the test.


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