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Gran Turismo ROM
ROM NameGran Turismo
Developer & PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Asia, Europe, Japan
Released DateOctober 1, 2009
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“Gran Turismo” is a series of video games based on racing. Polyphony Digital has implemented this game. Firstly, this game was aimed to copy the representation and appearance of a large choice of vehicles that are licensed in production. Worldwide, it has sold out more than 90 million units. This built game best-selling video game franchise brand of PlayStation. Most importantly, the series of this sports is dedicated to 8 main releases – two for PS, for PS2, for PS3, for PS4, and one for PS5.


Secondly, the game’s graphics, quantity of licensed vehicles, attention to vehicle detail, correct driving physics copying, and performance setting are major factors in its success. For this reason, the subtitle “The Real Driving Simulator” has been a part of the franchise’s graphic design since, the 4th version of the game. Physics-based settings real-world driving impressions are used to represent how the cars handle. And recordings of real cars are used to represent the sound of the engines.

The mentioned game has served as a showcase for the PS console’s graphic capabilities. However, it is frequently used to highlight the possibilities of the device. Thirdly, it offers an arcade mode, but the training mode is where much of the action happens. Beginning with a set amount of credits—typically 10,000—players can purchase cars from a variety of manufacturer-specific stores or, more often in the beginning, from used car dealers.

Lastly, they can tune their automobile at the right parts store for optimal performance. Only specified car types are permitted to attend certain events. Moreover, a license-testing system that helps players via skill development. That method has been implemented to advance through getting harder races. Gamers can use prize money they earn from events to either improve or purchase a new car, building up a garage full of automobiles.


  •  Experience the excitement of real-world races with unparalleled vehicle control and graphics.
  •  Take in amazingly realistic images that feature moving surroundings, realistic racing action, and amazing automobile models.
  •  Select from a broad selection of finely detailed cars, including high-performance supercars, historic models, and daily drivers.


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