Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories ROM Download

Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories ROM
ROM NameGrand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories
Developer & PublisherRockstar Games
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
RegionEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Released Date24 October 2005
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The adventurous and functional console game “Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories” was released via Rockstar Games. Firstly, In the year 2005, this adventurous game was released as a Play Station Portable Game. The consulting cost of the PS2 port is half of the cost of the PSP version at the published time. It was revealed for different ports such as iOS, Android, and Fire OS. Critics have provided positive feedback on this game. It has achieved an achievement by selling more than 8 million copies.


If we focus on the Gameplay of this game then we can see that the graph of Liberty City is widely corresponding to the GTA III. There is no attainable airplane in the mentioned city. But it has the availability of a helicopter if it is compared to the city of Vice & San Andreas.  The whole of the game is the open world because the game emerges on the central graph of the mentioned City.

In Liberty City Stories, it has a multiplayer mode of up to six players. The attribute of this game is a mode of seven players of wireless multiplayer gaming. There are many wanderers or pedestrians as well and the characters of avatars are available. But it is not available now in PS2 and Mobile versions either. Many characters in this game have already done their roles like Frank Vincent, Sondra James, Guru who becomes Salvatore Leone, and Ma Cipriani.


  •  There will be implementation on various missions ranging from high-speed acute gunfights.
  •  Choose a pleasurable environment with exciting weather & day-night cycle which affects the overall gameplay.
  •  The various vehicles have particular characteristics and maintenance such as boats, cars, and motorcycles.
  •  The players can involved in adventurous fights by using various weapons and control systems.


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