Iron Man 2 – The Video Game PSP ROM Download

Iron Man 2 - The Video Game PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherHigh Voltage Software, SEGA
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
Released DateMay 4, 2010
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“Iron Man 2” is an adventurous & operational video game, which is focused on the same name movie of 2010. Sega Studios San Francisco created the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Griptonite Games for the Nintendo DS, High Voltage Software for Wii and PlayStation Portable, & Gameloft for iOS, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Sega launched this video game. A proposed version for Microsoft Windows was dismissed. It was made available on various platforms such as Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable. And that was published on April 30, 2010, in Europe and on May 4, in North America.

Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson, replaying their roles from the film, are present in the game. Though the story of the iOS and BlackBerry editions of the game follows the movie, the game itself happens after the film. Matt Fraction, the author of The Invincible Iron Man, wrote the game’s main story.


Gamers may play the roles of War Machine or Iron Man in different playing styles. War Machine is fitted with explosive weapons with stronger weaponry, whereas Iron Man is sharper and uses a lot more energy weapons. Marks II through VI are among the costume sets Iron Man may select from. Gamers can personalize the weaponry with weapons and improvements. It is also possible to exchange weapons while playing.

Alternative objectives, alternative battle mechanics, and lowered graphics are presented in the Wii or PlayStation Portable edition. Iron Man may now hang or travel within levels instead of flying through them. Both physical fighting and flight handling have improved from the original game. It enables players to reach quite close to the ground. In addition, there are now more opponents to face and new battle tactics to apply. AI has been developed from the last title. “Ammo Cases” are used to store bullets, while “Tech Trophies” are valuables that may be utilized as modifications.


  • Take over the roles of Iron Man and War Machine, each of which has special skills and weaponry.
  • Customize and improve War Machine’s and Iron Man’s equipment and weaponry.
  • The players can change the weapons during gameplay.
  • The key features are Ammo Cases which are utilized for collecting bullets.
  • Tech Trophies are something that is used for customization.
  • Finish different objectives, such as securing an area or defeating fighting soldiers.
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