Medal Of Honor – Heroes PSP ROM Download

Medal Of Honor - Heroes PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherTeam Fusion, Electronic Arts
GenreFirst Person Shooter
File FormatISO
Released DateOctober 20, 2006
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“Medal of Honor – Heroes” is a video game focused on first-person shooter. This game was released in North America on 23 October 2006. It is the ninth installment of this game. A Canadian studio Team Fusion implemented the above game for platform PSP. 

There are three main operations, each with a different hero leading the unit to achieve its goals. These heroes include Sergeant John Baker from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough, Lieutenant William Holt from Medal of Honor: European Assault, and Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, the star of Medal of Honor: Frontline and the original Medal of Honor. The operations are run in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy.


Firstly, every stage has three distinct levels that must be completed: bronze, silver, and gold. The player needs to finish all of the main goals to receive bronze. The player needs to finish both the primary and additional goals to receive silver. Silver and gold are the same; however, a player needs to destroy enemies and have great focus. Collecting these various levels improves the player’s rating and allows a 100% game completion. Players may use unlocked skins in both multiplayer and skirmish modes by performing games.

Secondly, in most campaign missions, the player blows something up. It defeats a particular number of opponents and collects enemy intelligence. And at a time goes back to a particular spot to leave.

Thirdly, the game mentioned above permits 32 players at a time. Moreover, it permits players to use actual weapons of war. Some examples are Thompson submachine gun, M1911 handgun, bazooka, and M1 Garand. Even if the player scores and successfully returns an enemy flag to the center, no points are given. Domination, Hold the Line, Demolition, Infiltration, and Deathmatch are present in the Gameplay. There is a ranking system in the game. It determines a player’s position based on their kill-death ratio. The rating system ranges from 10,000 to 1 and includes a top 100 leaderboard.


  •  This game features online multiplayer which permits 32 players in a match.
  •  It also allows the player to use actual weapons.
  •  Participate in challenging battles as one of three particular heroes.
  •  In engaging in single-player campaigns, fight throughout Europe.
  • A player can increase his rank by completing three levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


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