Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker ROM Download

Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker PSP ROM
ROM NameMetal Gear Solid – Peace Walker
Developer & PublisherKonami
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Japan, Europe
Released DateApril 29, 2010
3/5 - (1)


Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker is a theft video game that Konami has discharged & developed via Kojima Productions. In the game series, this is the 5th segment of the game. It was the 7th Metal Gear game designed, written, and directed under Hideo Kojima. Particularly, the 4th Metal Gear game built for PSP. Peace Walker has been established on1974 in Costa Rica.

It follows the absorption of returning protagonist snake. Firstly, the peace Walker is built up by two main modes of gameplay which are “Mother Base ” and “Mission”. The game’s “Mission” action portions require a player to sneak into enemy territory or battle leaders. But the “Mother Base” is an army management model akin to Portable Operations’ briefing screen.


Secondly, in this thrilling story, players assume the role of renowned soldier Big Boss in an era of the Cold War. This is an action game that combines base management, strategy, and stealth, unlike other action games. Gamers run missions in a variety of settings. That’s using stealth methods to enter enemy bases and perform goals without setting off alarms.

Thirdly, the focus is on creating and running a Mother Base, a customized base of operations. Here, players may hire warriors, create new weaponry, and grow their business, which is what distinguishes this game from others. It offers an unusual & immersive experience that pushes players to think outside of the battlefield. And imagine the larger effects of their actions. Lastly, this is achieved through its engaging storyline, tactical gameplay, and creative multiplayer options.


  • Grow and develop your military position, known as Mother Base.  It will be through enrolling soldiers, creating weaponry, and using resources to improve your forces.
  • In cooperative multiplayer missions, cooperate with other players. This is to overcome challenges and complete goals after tactical planning.
  • Join part in epic fights with larger-than-life opponents, destroying them with weaponry, smart, and stealth.


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