Metal Slug Anthology PSP ROM Download

Metal Slug Anthology PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherTerminal Reality, SNK Playmore
GenreRun and gun
File FormatISO
Released DateFebruary 20, 2007
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Terminal Reality implemented a collection of game series named ” Metal Slug Anthology”. SNK Playmore & Ignition Entertainment revealed the above game in several spots like Wii, PC, PS2, and PSP. This video game was released on 9th Feb 2007 in Europe, 20th Feb 2007 in North America, and 30th March 2007 in Japan. The game also signifies SNK Playmore’s comeback to the Nintendo system as a third-party constructor after the SNES era.

On October 1, 2009, an available download edition was released on the PlayStation Store for PSP. Then, in 2009, the Metal Slug Anthology was made available for PC under the title Metal Slug Collection PC. This edition, however, has a different menu layout and less information.

The primary editions that appeared on arcades have almost identical images. The conversion of all games to 480i resolution is the only significant alteration. The game’s console editions support multiplayer play, while its PlayStation Portable version features a wireless mode that allows two players to play independently and work together.


Firstly, the game has a lot of powerful, quick-paced platforming and aiming. While managing difficult levels, players engage in combat with a variety of foes, including soldiers, tanks, and aliens. The happiness is increased by the game’s wealth of weapons and power-ups.

Secondly, you can play cooperatively with a friend in local multiplayer mode. The painful vibe is further enhanced by the vintage 2D-pixel art and animations. As you advance, you’ll find hidden content and receive rewards. Players can modify the controls to suit their preferred way of playing the game.

Thirdly, playing the game involves moving your character through stages while shooting and avoiding attacks from enemies. Get power-ups to improve your health and weaponry. To move on, defeat the bosses after each level. As you move forward, the difficulty of the game rises, demanding fast reflexes and strategic thinking.


  • This game contains a collection of seven Metal Slug games.
  • Play multiplayer in local mode with a friend.
  • Take part in intense, quick-paced platforming and shooting.
  • Select from a variety of characters, each possessing special abilities. Make use of a variety of tools and boosts.
  • Battle an abundance of foes, which includes soldiers, tanks, and supernatural invaders.
  • Investigate vibrant, well-designed environments.


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