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Monster Hunter Freedom ROM
ROM NameMonster Hunter Freedom
Developer & PublisherCapcom
GenreAction, Role-Playing
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateMarch 27, 2008
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Capcom created and released the operation role-playing game “Monster Hunter Freedom” Unite for iOS and the PlayStation Portable. A beta version of a new online service that enables voice chat. And the gameplay through PSP AdHoc mode tunneling, by PS Network. It was released on the Japanese PS Store on November 6, 2008. This mode functions similarly to the infrastructure mode. The previous game is compatible with a beta version of Ad Hoc Party for PlayStation Portable.


Firstly, compared to the second series of the mentioned game, this game features more missions, gear, and monsters. It also introduces a new Felyne fighter to aid a player in their adventures. Weapons and armor of rarities 9 and 10 were added. In addition to receiving ten equipment pages rather than six. Then players can store up to 20 sets of equipment and hold up to 99 of each type of item in their item boxes. The “Epic Hunting Quest” is a new kind of quest. This allows the player to face up to four different monsters in one quest, one by one. Weapons can now have sharpness levels up to purple, overtaking that of white.

Secondly, with breathtaking graphics and dynamic landscapes that alter in response to time and monster movements, the game’s immersive universe comes to life. Every setting, from verdant woods to empty deserts, offers a unique set of opportunities and difficulties that keep players interested and alert. All things considered, the game offers an unmatched gaming experience. That experience will blend strategic gameplay, exciting action, and a beautifully detailed universe. Finally, it’s to create an amazing journey that players can go on together. In addition to early access to some Felyne skills, the downloadable content may grant player unique armor for their Felyne.


  •  Fight enormous creatures in epic battles.
  •  Choose from a large selection of armor and weapons to fit your playstyle.
  •  Gather resources from the surroundings to create strong objects.
  •  Take on rewarding missions that challenge your abilities and tactics.


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