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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherCapcom Production Studio 1, Capcom
GenreAction, Role-Playing
File FormatISO
Released DateMarch 27, 2008
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Capcom implemented and revealed the game “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite”. This was a game which is a combination of both action & role-playing. It was the expanded version of the second version of Monster discharged in Japan on 27 March 2008. As of May 21, 2009, the PSP’s PlayStation Network offers the Australian and American demos for free. This game is compatible with the PlayStation Portable beta version of Ad Hoc Party.


In the gameplay, players are led into a large world overflowing with dangerous terrain and terrible monsters. It is your job as a hunter to locate, engage, and fight a variety of monsters, each with its special abilities and habits. The focus of the game is on planning and strategy; players must gather supplies, make their armor and weapons, and select the appropriate gear for each hunt. In multiplayer mode, you can collaborate with mates to plan strategies to defeat the strongest enemies. 

A fresh Felyne soldier to help the players in their adventures. Weapons and armor of rarities 9 and 10 were added. In addition to receiving ten equipment pages rather than six.  Players can now store up to 20 sets of equipment and hold up to 99 of each sort of item in their item boxes. The “Epic Hunting Quest” is a new kind of quest that permits the player to face up to four different monsters in one quest, one by one. Weapons can now have sharpness levels up to purple, beyond that of white.


  •  Examine broad regions populated with a variety of frightening creatures.
  •  To fit your hunting style, and craft and improve your armor and weapons.
  •  Take part in conflicts that call for strategic preparation and tactical implementation.
  •  Combine with buddies to take on challenging enemies and exciting quests.
  •  Gain experience and refine your tactics with every hunt to overcome the obstacles in the game.


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