Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP ROM Download

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherCapcom
File FormatISO
Released DateDecember 1, 2010
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The third portable game in the Monster Hunter series created by Capcom for the PlayStation Portable. It is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The main ideas of Monster Hunter Team are adapted into a new single-player campaign in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Portable 3rd.  An original game that also adds fresh original material. The game has new areas, creatures, and a revamped Felyne fighting system.

According to the publisher, the above-mentioned game is now the fastest-selling PSP title ever in Japan and also in Capcom’s history. With 4.8 million units sold in Japan by June 2011, the game was the third-best-selling PSP title ever. On December 5, 2010, the game debuted at the top of the Japanese sales chart. This is by taking the place of Gran Turismo 5.


As skilled hunters, players enter the tranquil Yukumo Village. It is your task to follow and fight huge monsters in a variety of natural environments. You can explore deserts, cold mountains, and woods, all are loaded with exotic wildlife. With the help of the broad crafting system in the game, you can make armor and weapons from parts of monsters. Every sort of weapon, from powerful hammers to quick swords, offers a unique fighting technique. Battle success is based on your ability to plan, act quickly, to understand the movements of each monster. These quests can be completed alone. You can go on cooperative hunts with pals in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer aspect improves excitement by requiring unity to defeat harder opponents.

Your center is the village. Here you can take on tasks, change out your equipment, and handle supplies. You can find increasingly difficult creatures and more complicated gear as you continue. The gameplay is interesting and exciting because of this continuous progression. Every hunt is interesting because of the game’s vivid world and minute variations. Every encounter is a test of skill and strategy. whether it involves laying traps or executing coordinated strikes. In a fantastical, immersive setting, this game combines cooperation, fighting, and exploration.


  • Figure out and hunt in different environments, such as frigid mountains, sweltering deserts, and lush forests.
  • Players can create custom armor and weaponry with the monster components.
  • There are fierce battles throughout the game that call for cunning, timing, and knowledge of each monster’s unique tendencies.
  • As you do tasks and earn experience, you can unlock hard monsters and advanced tools.
  • Utilize traps, organize violence, and modify tactics to eliminate successively tougher creatures.


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