Need For Speed Carbon: Own The City (USA+Eu) PSP ISO

Need For Speed Carbon - Own The City PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherTeam Fusion, Electronic Arts
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateOctober 31, 2006
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“Need for Speed Carbon – Own the City” was the tenth segmentation series in the game, released in 2006. Electronic Arts published the game, which was developed under EA Black Box, Rovio Mobile. It was released on October 31, 2006, for the PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Windows, and Mac OS X. It was also released on November 19, 2006, as a Wii launch title, and in 2008 for arcade cabinets.

Although critics gave Carbon good ratings when it first came out. There were some complaints about gameplay mechanics, such as how little emphasis was placed on police chases in comparison to previous games. Additionally, a Collector’s Edition version was made available for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2. For two of the game modes, it featured new events, new cars, and new options for modification.


As with Carbon, players are unable to use their enlisted wingmen in the Lap Knockout, Escape, and Crew Takedown events of the game. However, they can select up to five wingmen for their racing crew, of which two may be active for use in races. Assassins, Drafters, and Brawlers are the three classes into which wingmen fall. Assassins eliminate the console’s Scout function. It can be used to take out multiple opponents with accessible spike strips. The other two classes function identically to Carbon’s wingman function of Drafters and Blockers, respectively. In the game’s primary gameplay mode, players must regain control of their territory. Unlike Palmont, Coast City has roughly 13 areas of territory spread all over 6 districts. Each area that is taken over opens up new shopping options and wingmen for the player to enlist.

The gameplay in Own the City corresponds to the console versions. But the portable version adds three new racing events, lets you freely roam the Coast City setting, and modifies some gameplay mechanics. The Autosculpt function, drifting events, and Canyon Race events are all missing from the portable version. The new events are called Escape, where players must try to get out of a rival crew’s territory. And Delivery, where players and their crew must race to a predetermined location with a package. And it beat other racers trying to do the same thing. Crew Takedown, where players must defeat a predetermined number of rival racers to win. Like in Grand Theft Auto, the player can search the city during free roam. It looks for containers dispersed throughout the environment. These containers, when damaged, may provide rewards like cash or in-game creative work.

In a prohibited street race with two other competitors. The player and their brother Mick try to determine who will own all of Coast City. But the race is stained by a tragic vehicle accident that claims Mick’s life and leaves the player hospitalized with amnesia. Following Mick’s passing, different street racing crews fight for control of the city’s territories. Six months later, the player gets up to the sight of Mick’s wingman Carter and girlfriend Sara. They both assist the player in retrieving their memories of the race when they visit their brother’s burial.


  •  Drive through urban streets in a fast-paced, heart-pounding race.
  •  With an abundance of options, create and personalize your ideal vehicle.
  •  Create a crew, then control other gangs to take over territory.
  •  Take part in thrilling police pursuits that will test your ability to drive safely.
  •  Discover an exciting plot full of fraud and mystery.
  •  Take advantage of a range of race modes, including circuit and sprint races.
  •  Participate in breathtaking, nighttime cityscapes illuminated by neon lights.
  •  Apply tactical driving strategies to dominate and beat opponents.


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