Need for Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0 ROM Download

Need for Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0 ROM
ROM NameNeed for Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0
Developer & PublisherElectronic Arts
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Asia, Japan, Europe
Released DateNovember 15, 2005
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Firstly, Need for Speed – Most Wanted is a video game of racing released in 2005. This is the 9th segment in this game series and it was revealed by Electronic Arts (EA) & improved via EA Black Box and EA Canada. This game was discharged on various platforms for example in Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, GameCube, and PS2. The game concentrates on road racing-oriented gameplay including a selection of events. However, 16 million copies were sold worldwide. As a result, it received praise from critics and was a big mercantile achievement.

In 2006, the game was achieved through the game series which gave an outcome to Most Wanted’s Story. A reboot of the game was developed under Criterion Games in 2013.


Secondly, Here in this game, Players participate in a forbidden road race over most desired settings. They are using different kinds of real-world cars having licenses. It may be modified and fixed up with a new part to avert the player. During the race, the player may make use of nitrous boosts to support and provide them edge against the contestant.

Lastly, there are some events like Street X, Underground Racing League Tournament, and Outrun. This exists from most wanted by exchanging two new events that are:-

  • The first event is Tollbooth. It is a checkpoint where the player has to hit the checkpoint within a fixed amount of time. If the player reaches the checkpoint earlier before the fixed time then the left time will be added to the next checkpoint.
  • The second event is the Speed trap where the player will stand in an emulative checkpoint race. With the fastest speed, the player will hit the checkpoint. The winner will be decided by gathering the total speed of the checkpoint.


  • A composition of competitive racing over point-to-point races, drag races, sprints,s, and checkpoints.
  • Three modes of the game are Quicks race, Career, and Challenge series.
  • A choice of stock cars to select from each of them which may be modified during the career of the game.


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