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Need For Speed - Shift PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherEA Bright Light, Slightly Mad Studios, Electronic Arts
File FormatISO
Released DateSeptember 15, 2009
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In 2009, Slightly Mad Studios and EA Bright Light collaborated to create the racing video game Need for Speed: Shift. Electronic Arts released this game for PSP, PS3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, J2ME, MeeGo, Symbian & Windows Mobile platforms. In the Need for Speed series, it is the thirteenth entry. In 2011, Shift proceeded with the 2nd version of the game. There are no longer any online retailers selling Shift as of 2021. Together with Need for Speed: World and Nitro. The game was revealed as part of a trio of games. Developers worked on the game for two years. The game’s audio from above is however similar to ProStreet’s, instead of a generic track list as in other titles like the television series Most Wanted and Carbon. It has a scored soundtrack.


Firstly, instead of the arcade racing of earlier games, Shift’s gameplay is more simulation-based. Targeting an intensely competitive gaming community. Shift returns to the sports car racing simulation genre. It pioneered with the series ProStreet in 2007. The player completes two laps of the Brands Hatch circuit. When the career mode begins to gauge their skills. There are more than sixty cars, separated into four groups. The terms “tier 1” relate to entry-level sports & luxury vehicles like the Audi TT and Infiniti G35. Then “Tier 2” related to mid-level performance cars like the BMW M3. are “Tier 3” related to supercars like the Lamborghini and “Tier 4” related to hypercars like the Gallardo and Bugatti Veyron.  

The car modification choices are more detailed than in prior editions, impacting things. For example, such as alignment, aerodynamics, tires, brakes, differential, and gears in addition to performance improvements. Nitrous is another tweaking option, however, it’s more realistically replicated than in earlier games. Certain body kits influence weight reduction and aerodynamics.

G-force influences both the player and the AI opponents, making it a vital part of the gameplay. Returning for the first time in this game since Porsche Unleashed is the in-car view. With the highly detailed in-car picture, one can see the driver shifting gears and swiveling his head. That’s to improve his view of the rearview mirror.  Lastly, a total of nineteen tracks are available. It features real-world circuits like Brands Hatch, Nürburgring Nordschleife, Road America, Spa, Silverstone, Willow Springs, Donington Park, Autopolis, and Laguna Seca.


  • Contribution to driving physics that is realistic and immerses you in the world of fast racing.
  • With a wide range of tuning choices, you may personalize your car to fit your racing style.
  •  In first-person cockpit view, experience a rush of G-forces with superbly realistic interiors.
  •  Participate in a complete career mode that progresses you from beginner to expert racer.
  •  Battle on recognizable courses with breathtaking visuals that vividly depict the surroundings.
  •  Play through difficult races to advance and earn new cars and rewards.
  •  Test your abilities against highly intelligent AI opponents in racing games.


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