Prince Of Persia – Revelations PSP ROM Download

Prince Of Persia - Revelations PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherPipeworks, Ubisoft
GenreAction, Arcade
File FormatISO
Released DateDecember 6, 2005
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On December 6, 2005, Ubisoft released Prince Of Persia – Revelations, an operational and venturesome game. The developer of the game was Pipeworks Software. The Prince heard the Old Man say, “Your destiny has been predetermined”. You are going to pass away. The sword-slashing follow-up to the highly regarded Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time invites you to explore the dangerous underworld of this game.

Firstly, an eternal manifestation of Fate seeking divine vengeance chased through Dahaka. This Prince sets out on a path filled with mystery and carnage to elude his death sentence. His quest takes him to the devilish center of a stronghold on a cursed island that holds the worst fears for humanity. To reach a new level of warrior and survive this ultimate test. Finally, the Prince must exhibit grim resolve, bitter defiance, and mastery of deadly new combat arts.


Players can enjoy an engaging gameplay experience in the game which seamlessly blends exciting action, challenging puzzles, and dynamic platforming. Players take on the role of the Prince. It embarks on a perilous journey full of clever enemies, deadly traps, and long-forgotten mysteries that must be solved. This game is unique because of its creative time-warping mechanism. This lets players go back in time to fix mistakes and time their obstacles perfectly to overcome them.

Moreover, this feature not only gives the gameplay a more strategic element but also makes it possible to progress through the difficult game’s stages smoothly and continuously. The game’s fluid combat system also gives players a variety of acrobatic moves and lethal attacks to expertly defeat opponents. As he moves through intricately designed environments, leaping across chasms, scaling walls, and pulling off daring stunts, the Prince’s agility and fitness are on full display.

Players will come across majestic palaces, secret passageways, and ancient ruins along the route—each with its mysteries and perils. The captivating plot, stunning graphics, and heart-pounding action of the game combine to create an incredible gaming experience. That experience will have players gripping the controller for the entire time.


  • Turn back time to fix errors and get past challenges.
  • To defeat opponents, use deadly hits and acrobatic moves.
  • Handle complex environments with ability and accuracy.
  • There are difficult puzzles distributed throughout the game.
  • Take in thrilling scenes and excitement rushes.
  • Explore complex settings and breathtaking landscapes.
  • As you advance, find hidden secrets and unlock bonus content.


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