Prince Of Persia – The Forgotten Sands PSP ROM Download

Prince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherUbisoft Quebec, Ubisoft
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
Released DateMay 18, 2010
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Ubisoft presented an operative and adventurous in the year 2010, ” Prince Of Persia – The Forgotten Sands “. This game takes place in between Warrior Within and The Sands of Time in all versions. It is a part of the Prince of Persia series. An important edition was designed for Wii, and other versions were produced for PSP, PS2, Nintendo DS, mobile & web browsers, Windows, and Xbox 360. However, the primary edition was generated for these platforms.

The gameplay is different in each edition but it always depends on supporting and dealing with difficulties. That along with magical abilities which involve manipulating periods or materials.

The above game was generally regarded as being worse than previous games in the series. This game achieved mixed favorable feedback for the most part, with the PSP and DS editions performing the worst. The series paused following the publication of Forgotten Sands until early 2024, when “The Lost Crown” of the game’s series was released.


Firstly, in the Gameplay, the player manages an anonymous prince who goes through Ancient Persian environments. Every edition features limited fighting patterns, and magical abilities that commonly depend on time misuse and advancing. However, the foes in arena-style battles and obstacles that must be avoided are among the risks. Prince can climb, wall run to get over gaps, wall jump, balance on beams, go from flat to curved poles, and perform other basic movements. A supernatural secure zone is offered at particular times during the story, and the game focuses on the huge palace advanced.

Secondly, a variety of magical abilities become available to the Prince, the simplest of which is a time-reversing “rewind” feature that resets the clock if the player errs or the Prince is damaged. The abilities are based on the elements: the “Earth” power repairs damaged environmental elements, and the “Water” power enables the chilling of water to create walls and directional poles. Thirdly, the Wind and Fire abilities are used for destructive techniques in battle. The prince travels environments in the PlayStation Portable version by looking down from an upright or downward context, based on the conditions. It is a 3D side-scrolling game. Lastly, the Prince’s magical powers strengthen in controlling time, which enables him to speed up or slow down the surroundings.


  • Join the Prince as he sets out to defend his brother’s world against a whole army of imaginary foes.
  • Control the aspects of fire, water, earth, and air to access special fighting and solving challenges abilities.
  • Use the Prince’s licensed activities techniques to move through the area, running up walls and making amazing climbs.
  • Battle a variety of foes in a fast-paced, combo-driven game that combines supernatural and fighting abilities.
  • Experience points are earned by defeating opponents.
  • Experience points can be applied to access new abilities, improve current skills, and improve facts like fitness.
  • In combat, the prince must overcome and fall to avoid being hit by groups of enemies.


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