Resistance – Retribution PSP ROM Download

Resistance - Retribution PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherSony Bend, Sony Computer Entertainment
GenreThird-person shooter
File FormatISO
Released DateMarch 20, 2009
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Bend Studio created the third-person shooter video game Resistance: Retribution for PSP. It was unveiled during Sony’s E3 press conference on July 15, 2008. Bend Studio stated in a GameSpot interview that they collaborated with Insomniac Games during the game’s original design phase. It takes place between the second version of the game and the Fall of Man version of this game. Sony has stopped providing the game’s online support. It was made available for purchase on March 17, 2009, in North America & March 20, 2009, in Europe, and March 26, 2009 in Australia.

Lifestyle video effects, rewinding, fast saving, and up-rendering are all included in an updated edition. Furthermore, the updated version provides trophies, a feature that was absent from the PSP edition formally. On February 20, 2024, a new edition of the game was made free to purchase through the PlayStation Store for both the PS4 & PS5.


The online portion of this game offers five game modes: Assimilation, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Containment, and Deathmatch. In control, the teams compete to manage as many cooling fluid points as they can; the team with the most wins. While the other seven players in Adaptation begin as Maquis, one player is initially a Cloven. It is up to the Cloven player to find the last of Maquis. The goal is to survive as long as possible; the Maquis cannot kill the cloven. When a Maquis passes away by a cloven, they also return as clovens. Includes a weapon spawn point where players can pick up additional weapons to add to their inventory.  Along with all of the weapons found in the single-player campaign—except one. Maquis Warriors and Cloven will be competing parties.

Eight-player online multiplayer matches are available in the game. Featuring modes such as Assimilation, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Containment. The targeting method operates differently; rather than requiring a player to activate buttons to lock against the cover. It will lock the player to cover automatically as soon as they approach it. Retribution has aim assistance, just like Resistance: Fall of Man did. There are new characters and weapons in Retribution, and the life bar is non-replenishing.

The DualShock 3 controller is a brand-new PSP Plus cross-link feature for both games. Aim assist is going to be turned off while PSP Plus is activated. But players will be able to reset their controls to make better use of additional inputs on the PS3 controller. There will also be assistance to DualShock 3 rumble.


  • Select on cosmic opponents in tense third-person shooter action.
  • Consider an interesting story between the Fall of Man version and the second edition.
  • Explore a post-apocalyptic Europe with incredible scenery and surroundings.
  • Use many weapons, each with a special set of capabilities.
  • Fighting sensitive, flexible AI enemies who test your strategy.
  • Take part in a strategic, fast-paced cover-based conflict.
  • To increase your firepower, update and modify your weapons.


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