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Silent Hill Origins ROM
ROM NameSilent Hill Origins
Developer & PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Asia, Europe
Released Date6 November 2007
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“Silent Hill – Origins” is a video game of survival frightening which Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed & implemented through climax action. In late 2007, it was discharged worldwide for the PSP platform. Origins is also the story of the first game of 1999, which is the fifth segment of the game series.

Firstly, in Origins, a truck driver named Travis Grady looks for information about a girl he saved from a fire. He realizes his forgotten childhood recollections along the road. Like previous games, it takes place in the third person & places an important focus on fighting, adventure, and figuring out puzzles.


Secondly, playing as main character Travis Grady, the aim of sport is to help him search for information about the girl. He was saved from a burning house while analyzing the monster-filled town of the above game. Gameplay usually involves changing between the wonderfully glowing “Other World” and reality to find objects & keys that are required to solve a puzzle. Travis’s portable radio warns players when creatures are approaching by producing stale. To carry a torch and point out the location of a useful item. Combat, exploring, and solving puzzles are the main game mechanics in mentioned game. It is in line with the formula from earlier games.

In the game, fixed camera viewpoints are intercut with third-person perspectives. Throughout the town, He builds up a variety of military equipment. Those include rifles, melee guns, and breakable one-shot objects that can be used at close range. While some of the early monsters can be easily defeated with one-shot items. While using this move, Travis is open to damage from close-range warriors or those using long-range weapons.


  • Discover secrets related to the town of Silent Hill and its troubled past through the eyes of the main character.
  • Feel extreme mental dread as you battle with the game’s broken world and face your biggest fears.
  • Different endings can be achieved by your decisions and deeds during the game. It gave the story more depth and replay value.


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