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Sonic Rivals ROM
ROM NameSonic Rivals
Developer & PublisherBackbone Entertainment, SEGA
File FormatISO
Released Date24 November 2006
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Sega Studio USA and Backbone Entertainment worked together to create the racing action video game Sonic Rivals, which Sega released. This Sonic Hedgehog game centers on the hero’s mission to prevent Doctor Eggman Nega from transforming everyone and everything into cards. In addition to racing other characters to reach the goal before them, players must defeat the boss before their rival. This is one of few games in the series not to be published in Japan. It launched in North America in November 2006 and other regions in December.

Although it was a commercial hit when it was first released. Critics gave it mixed reviews overall, praising the graphics and soundtrack. But have different opinions about the gameplay’s monitors, level design, and rubber banding. Progression began with the classic platform game Backbone. But Takashi Iizuka, the producer of the Sonic series got involved and changed the game’s course. He also chose to release a game on the PSP rather than the Nintendo DS because of the PSP’s higher processing power.


With a 2.5D perspective, it’s a side-scrolling video game reminiscent of Sega Genesis’ original Sonic the Hedgehog games. Characters dodge obstacles in the level as they sprint to a finish line. There are a total of 17 stages in the game, divided into six zones, each with three acts. After each level, there are boss battles where the player must defeat the boss before an opposing character does.

Five different characters can be played: Metal Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Shadow, and Knuckles the Echidna. However, each character has the same gameplay. Power-ups that can be collected in a match provide extra offensive and defensive capabilities. To foil Doctor Eggman’s numerous plots, four playable characters in Story Mode must compete with one another to finish the line in each level. Each playable character has a storyline. A task, like hitting their opponent a specific number of times during a race or battle. That is assigned to the player in Challenge Mode.

Players can wager cards in multiplayer games and races or just race for fun with Wireless Play Mode. Players can use collectible cards they’ve won in single-player, and trade cards with friends. And then bet cards on races to customize their racers in this ad hoc game. Players can also compete against a rival to win a particular cup in the cup circuit mode. There is a detailed 150-card collectible card system in the game. Players will receive collectible cards when they complete certain goals in a match.


  • Navigate colorful environments while competing at a high speed alongside Sonic and his friends.
  • Consider recognized Sonic characters in head-to-head fighting; each has special abilities.
  • Gather power-ups distributed across the tracks to give yourself an advantage over your competitors.
  • Figure out carefully crafted tracks that are replete with turns, loops, and shortcuts.
  • When gamers move forward, earn rewards and unlock new characters, tracks, and challenges.
  • Select from a variety of Sonic characters, each of whom offers a unique gaming experience.


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