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Spider-Man 2 ROM
ROM NameSpider-Man 2
Developer & PublisherActivision
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Japan, Europe
Released DateMarch 23, 2005
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Spider-Man – 2 is an operational and exploration or adventurous video game of 2023. This game was revealed through Sony Interactive Entertainment & improved by Insomniac Games. On the basis of the Spider-Man character from Marvel Comics, it presents a story that draws on the comic book’s long-running mythology. And it also presents from a number of other media representations. As the story develops, players can gain additional web-based devices. And suits that increase their existing battle and crossing abilities in the game. In addition, the combination of costumes from the previous playable generation of this above game is shown, giving Parker special abilities.


Firstly, we can see that, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are the two primary characters, just like in the first game. Venom and Mary Jane can also be played as separate characters in some missions. And they both play as this story moves on as they battle villains and explore an open-world version of New York City. Players can gather different gaming outfits and learn new skills. In the game’s open environment, players can freely switch between Peter and Miles at any time. They also have challenges particular to each character that are included in both the main plot and side content that makes use of their unique qualities.

Building up the fighting system from previous games, second & third series of the game can both defend against physical blows. Because some competitor’s types cannot be ignored. Both Peter and Miles’ new suits have Web Wings that they may deploy to glide around the city. They are improving their speed and distance traveled when they take advantage of wind tunnels & other sections of the metropolis. Apart from his normal gameplay, Peter Parker becomes playable when he becomes attached to the Venom symbiote. That supplies him with special web-based skills and tough thorns. There’s a third Skill Tree devoted to their common skills. Both game’s main character has their own separate Skill Trees with additional unlocking talents for both of them if they earn enough Skill Points according to their experience level.


  •  Make your way through the city as Spider-Man with smooth, thrilling web-slinging controls.
  •  Take on adventurous missions to defend New York City against thieves and criminals.
  •  You’ll be able to unlock extra modifications and abilities that will improve the game’s main character’s abilities.


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