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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherCapcom
File FormatISO
Released DateFebruary 7, 2006
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Capcom revealed the game ” Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max”. It is a video game which is based on battling and fighting. This game was discharged in the year 2006, 7th February. The mentioned game is a 3D updated edition of a 2D arcade fighting game named “Street Fighter Alpha 3″. This game is also known as Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper in Japan. The World Tour mode is fully functional and the port is quite well-done. It is possible to save and utilize characters made in the World Tour mode in other game types.


In this game, players select from a roster of more than 30 fighters, each of whom has a special combination and moves. There are numerous game modes such as Arcade, Versus, and Survival. It offers countless thrills and challenges. In quick-paced one-on-one fighting, players must use timing and planning to win. Each figure has a unique set of high combinations and skills that can completely change the course of a fight. Players can choose from a variety of methods of battle thanks to the Variable Battle System. It enhances gameplay depth and variety.

To get to the last boss in Arcade Mode, players must defeat several competitors. In Survival Mode, players have to verify their stamina against the radiation of foes. While in Versus Mode, they may clash against associates. Every conflict feels lively and responsive thanks to the game’s smooth governs and serious battle graphics. Use the oriented pad to move the player and execute simple assaults while playing the game. To perform unique techniques and attacks, merge pointed inputs with button presses. The secret to winning is to become an expert at these shifts’ timing and accuracy. This game’s interesting fighting mechanics and wide range of characters make for an exciting experience and multiple modes. This distinguishes it as a unique fighting game title.


  • Choose from more than 30 different participants, each with specific moves and combinations of their own.
  • For a variety of fun and difficulties, try the Arcade, Versus, and Survival modes.
  • You can modify your battle strategy for each character by choosing from a variety of fighting tactics.
  • Take contribution to tactical, quick-paced struggle with accurate controls and fluid animations.
  • Learn how to use strong attacks and incredible combos to defeat opponents in exciting games.
  • Fight in a competitive and enjoyable local vs mode with friends.


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