Sword Art Online – Infinity Moment PSP ROM Download

Sword Art Online - Infinity Moment PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherBandai Namco Games
File FormatISO
Released DateMarch 14, 2013
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“Sword Art Online – Infinity Moment” is a video game that was improved under Aquria & revealed through Namco Bandai Games. It is a 2013 video game that is focused on a series named Sword Art Online Light Novel. On March 14, 2013, the game was launched on the PlayStation Portable in Japan in both normal and limited-edition box sets. The original game’s content is included in the 2014 update Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. The publisher published an update in June 2014 that included a new game mode that allowed for more gaming after the main plot was finished.


Firstly, it’s not an online game, the gameplay is similar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games. You can purchase and improve weapons and then go on missions and engage in group fighting with other characters. The main character is named Krito. However, it has ten different weapon types at its disposal, including axes, daggers, and swords.

Secondly, players may assign their party partner orders to do anything. That is from switching to using sword skills to block an oncoming attack. Kirito has the option of bringing along the major heroines. He can cast members from the franchise. The gaming character may enlist the help of other non-player characters. All that are part of the fictional guilds in the game. After helping them gain experience points or acquire a certain item. To quickly fulfill the battles, players can alter their skill combination.

Thirdly, skills are gained by spending skill points obtained. It is raising a weapon’s competence bar using the source material. “Skill Chains” are practiced by players to deal damage. It is by simultaneously unleashing sword skills with a party member of their choice. Battle mostly consists of using sword skills that cost “SP” to activate. This will be either alone or with one party member, to do damage. The levels of Skill Chains range from straightforward bursts to multi-hit bursts. Lastly, it deals tens to hundreds of thousands of damages.


  •  Engage in fierce, combo-driven combat in real-time while making tactical weapon selections.
  •  Make connections with enduring series characters by having in-depth character interactions.
  •  Tailor and improve your equipment to your playing style and tactical requirements.
  •  Upgrade your abilities to become the most competent virtual opponent.


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