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Tekken 6 ROM
ROM NameTekken 6
Developer & PublisherNamco Bandai Games
File FormatISO
RegionEurope, USA
Released DateNovember 24, 2009
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Tekken 6 is a kind of game that is based on war, struggle, or battle. In the year 2007, it was released in arcades and implemented by Bandai Namco Games, having the sixth installment in the franchise of Tekken. After one year of release, the game had an update which was discharged for PS3 i.e., Play Station 3 & Xbox 360. On November 24, 2009, this game was turned into a Play Station Portable (PSP) platform.

It was aimed to provide battle or struggle tactically as it was produced by Katsuhiro Harada.  It was the first fighting game produced by him. This game has put on a new method that is when the health of a player gets very low then there will be an alternative method to increase the strength of the player. Later on, it was again discharged with Soulcalibur V & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well. Version seven of this game was released in 2005.  

Players may locomote very liberally in surroundings which is very uniform to that third person who is playing a role in the game that is in beat ’em up mode. It comprehends the rank of matches, where the player will develop their rank from lower level to higher.


When a character’s vitality drops below a certain level, a new Rage system increases the damage they take per hit. Upon activation, the character’s health bar begins to move red and a reddish energy aura surrounds them. You can alter the color and effects of the Rage aura to make it appear as ice, fire, or electricity, among other things. The “bound” system is another recently added feature in the game.

Each character possesses a series of moves that, when combined into a juggle combo, will smash the opponent hard into the ground, leaving them stunned and open to further attacks or combos. Compared to its predecessors, this game above has larger, more interactive stages with removable floors or walls that reveal additional battle zones. The ability to customize your character has been improved.  And some items affect how you play in different ways. A bonus beat ’em up mode called “Scenario Campaign” is included in the console versions.

The player can move around freely in this mode, which resembles a third-person role-playing game. Crates containing lootable items, cash, and power-ups are strewn throughout the playing field. Players can also retrieve weapons like poles and Gatling guns from them. A multiplayer online mode is available for various platforms. In the Ranked Matches mode, the player can advance their character to a higher ranking.  In the Player Matches mode, friends can be invited to play matches with them, and the player’s fights are not ranked.


  •  Fight with more than 40 different characters.
  •  Battle in multi-tiered, destructible arenas.
  •  Give characters distinctive attire and accessories to make them uniquely yours.
  •  Use strong attacks when your health is low.
  •  Take advantage of responsive, fluid fighting mechanics.
  •  Participate in multiplayer games against players around the world.
  •  Use the extensive practice options to hone your skills.


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