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Tekken - Dark Resurrection PSP ROM
ROM NameTekken – Dark Resurrection
Developer & PublisherNamco Bandai Games
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Japan, Asia, Europe
Released DateJuly 6, 2006
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“Tekken – Dark Resurrection” is a battling or fighting video game. This game is the updated version of Tekken 5 on PS2. Worldwide, an Arcade version of the game was released in February 2006. Before that, this arcade version was released in December 2005 in Japan. Later onward the series of games was released in PSP version in July 2005. This game can be downloaded through PSN.

Firstly, there are three new characters added to the same plot as in this game series. Emilie de Rochefort wants to put an end to her father’s financial issues and crush the Mishima Zaibatsu. A Spetsnaz agent named Sergei Dragunov has been given the task of understanding Jin Kazama. Armor King II, the younger sibling of the first Armor King. However, he is looking for revenge against Craig Marduk for his brother’s murder.


Secondly, this game transforms the fighting game genre with a unique combination of dynamic fighting mechanics and an involving plot. It involves players in a rich universe of fighting contests, where every punch and kick tells a story. The mentioned game is unique because of its confusing character roster, which includes a wide range of fighters. And having a unique fighting style and storytelling.

Thirdly, players are given access to various kinds of fighting encounters. That varies from the athletic skills of Hwoarang to the powerful strength of Heihachi Mishima. “Dark Resurrection” includes advanced functions like the Tekken Dojo. There players may practice against AI opponents modified to their play style. The game also has many different areas of multiplayer settings. That’s enabling users to participate in tough online competitions against rivals or challenge friends locally. Lastly, the above game creates a bar for the fighting game genre with superb graphics, fluid animation, and addicting gameplay. It gives a wonderful experience that motivates players to keep playing.


  • There are many various warriors to pick from, and each has a particular fighting style and character.
  • In Tekken Dojo mode, improve your abilities against AI opponents that respond to your style of play.
  • Choose from a variety of modifications for your warrior, such as outfits and accessories.


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