The Godfather: Mob Wars (USA+EU) PSP ISO Download

The Godfather: Mob Wars PSP ROM
Size1.11GB, 1.17GB
Developer & PublisherEA Redwood Shores, Electronic Arts.
GenreAction, Adventure
File FormatISO
RegionUSA, Europe
Released DateSeptember 19, 2006
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Electronic Arts launched an action-adventurous online game ” The Godfather”. It is also an open-world console game of 2006. EA Redwood Shores implements the above match. Later, it was made available on the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable. However, it was first made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in March 2006.

The game focuses on Aldo Trapani, an unusual character the Corleone family chooses. It rises through the ranks while taking penalties on those responsible for his father’s murders. It is based on the 1972 film The Godfather. The PlayStation Portable version of this game was largely seen as being comparable to the other versions. The game is getting mostly positive feedback on different platforms. This game was profitable for businesses as it sold over two million copies.


The player controls the main character, Aldo Trapani. And he rises through the Corleone family’s ranks. Then his journey sometimes connects with the story of the movie. The primary gameplay and game mechanics are similar to those of most open-world games. The player can freely go across the city, take control of cars, attack, and/or kill random people as they see fit. Improve the plot at their flow, taking as much time as they like to view the capital city.

Both a manual targeting mechanism and a lock-on system are present in the game. The participants in the manual system can aim anywhere they like. A shooting reticule displays on the screen when an aim is locked in the lock-on system. Then the player is locked on for a longer time then the reticule will be smaller. Then targeting becomes more accurate. The player may also manually aim within the lock-on system. But that’s by moving the reticule around the locked-on target. They can focus on particular regions. This player can identify a weak place if the reticule becomes red.

There are five weaknesses in every opponent. What are their two shoulders, their two knees & their groins? If anybody attacks on their shoulders then the opponent will not be able to fire back and the opponent will not be able to run on their knees attack. In the groin attack, the opponent will not be able to run again like of knee attack.

Extorting businesses is an essential part of the game. To level up, achieve particular goals, and get money, the player must extort businesses to gain popularity. A meter with a green bar and a red bar shows on the screen when the player is trying to threaten a business manager into paying security money.

Once the meter reaches the green bar, the player must scare the owner into deciding to pay. After this, the owner will give out more money according to the level of fear the player achieves.  However, the owner will start to continue fighting back and won’t accept any payment if the meter crosses the red bar. Every owner has a risk, something they are especially afraid of. If the player discovers it, the payout amount will increase more quickly than the meter fills. It is giving them more opportunities to extract money before the meter goes into the red zone.

The Corleone family controls Little Italy, the Tattaglia family controls Brooklyn, the Stracci family controls New Jersey, the Cuneo family controls Hell’s Kitchen, and the Barzini family controls Midtown. These are the five primary geographical zones in the game. The player must take control of the other families’ businesses and rackets, & their hubs and warehouses. It is to fully rule a region. The player makes more money controlling rackets than extorting businesses.


  •  The game’s primary features are lock-on and manual aiming systems.
  •  A player can earn money & complete the mission by Extorting Business
  •  By forceful extortion and power battles, you may increase your territory.
  •  Add special abilities and personal improvements to your character to make them unique.
  •  Explore an open environment with objectives and surroundings faithful to the time.


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