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The Simpsons Game PSP ROM
Size692MB, 655MB
Developer & PublisherRebellion Developments, Electronic Arts
GenreAction , Platformer
File FormatISO
RegionEurope, USA
Released DateAction, Platformer
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The Simpsons Game is based on the animated television series of the same name. It is a platform game released in 2007 for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Xbox 360. Tim Long and Matt Warburton, who write The Simpsons. It created an original plot that has nothing related to the film. The family learns they are inspired to play yet another video game in the self-serving plot.

The game references a lot of other video games, well-known culture, and its editor, Electronic Arts, much like the show does. Electronic Arts made available the game. A few months after the movie of the same name, it was issued in North America in October 2007 and broadly in November 2007.

Video game critics’ opinions of the game are divided but generally positive. While criticizing its short running time and poor camera system, which occasionally collapsed. They also praised the film’s writing, images, and accuracy of the source material. At the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards, This Game won Best Game focused on a Movie or TV Show. Also selected for a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Video Game Writing.


Firstly, the story of the game relies on the five Simpson family members—Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie—who identify they are playing a video game and have been given abilities to finish multiple challenges. They eventually have to protect their 8-bit relatives from Will Wright and Matt Groening. The man who created their video game characters.

Secondly, the player’s first playable character in “The Land of Chocolate” level is Homer. He can become the “Homer ball” by eating food power-ups. It enables him to roll and slam objects. He can also transform into a Gummi Homer by taking in small gummi Venus de Milos. That permits him to shoot gummi grenades. He can also become Insanity Pepper Homer by eating hot chili peppers, which enables him to use fire and lava bombs. And he may breathe in helium to transform into a balloon that can hang in the air. The 2nd level of the video game “Bartman Begins” is where Bart first appears. He can perform various acrobatic tricks like flying over great distances, utilizing zip lines, climbing some walls, and more. It can take out opponents and hit far-away targets with its slingshot.

Lastly, the fourth level “Lisa the Tree Hugger” defines us as Lisa. Her primary method of attack is kicking, and the “Hand of Buddha” is her strength. She may move some objects with it and use it to flick, break, cool down, or give bolts of light at her foes. As the stages progress, Lisa will be able to inspire competitors against one another by using her saxophone.  The least enjoyable character to play is Marge. Introduced in “Mob Rules,” the fifth level, Marge discovers her ability to rule a large number of people to follow her. She can destroy barriers, construct things, battle opponents, and fix things with her group. Maggie can be temporarily played in tiny spaces such as air filters, making her a substitute for Marge. She can go where other characters cannot, and her attack is limited to one.


  • Make use of special abilities such as Homer’s physical strength, Lisa’s saxophone, Marge’s megaphone, and Bart’s slingshot.
  • Play together with a friend, forming teams of various family members to finish tasks.
  • Locate and gather objects on the levels to gain access to the game’s extras and rewards.
  • On the head-up display feature, there are health meters for every player in the level as well as an attack.
  • There is a unique ability meter for the player’s active character.
  • In the game’s split-screen two-player cooperative mode. Every player can take control of one of the two characters that are present on that level.


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