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Warriors, The PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherRockstar Toronto, Rockstar Games.
GenreAction , Beat ’em up
File FormatISO
Released DateFebruary 12, 2007
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Rockstar Toronto improved and Rockstar Games revealed the game “The Warriors”. It is a 2005 beat ’em up computer game that is based on the 1979 film of the same name. It was based on Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel. Rockstar Leeds worked on the PlayStation Portable port. That was revealed in February 2007 after the game’s October 2005 release on PS2 and Xbox. However, the gameplay consists mostly of large-scale fighting in 3D landscapes. It’s with pursuit scenes and other activities thrown in.

The plot, which is set in the harsh streets of 1970s New York City, centers on a titular street gang.  Who must flee to their native Coney Island while evading capture by police? And the other gangs after being falsely accused of the death of a well-known gang boss. In the first part of the game, incidents that happened three months before the events of the film are covered, extending the storyline of the movie.  Critics gave this game excellent reviews, such as complimenting the game’s controls, graphics, soundtrack, and storyline. Many even said it was a good enough recreation of the movie.


Firstly, Melee fighting is a major aspect of the action-adventure survival game of the above-mentioned game. The experience also includes a few other little gaming components, such as the option to use spray paint to make rude remarks about individuals or mark turf. Warriors’ Warchief (leader) Cleon, Lieutenant Swan, bulky Ajax and Snow, Vermin and Cowboy, Cleon and Swan’s buddies, Scout Fox, Harlem resident Cochise, and graffiti artist Rembrandt are among the many selectable characters in the game. Each mission allows the user to control a single character and left characters are handled by a computer. Those most frequently depicted include Cleon, Swan, Ajax, and Rembrandt.

Secondly, even though some gangs, such as the Electric Eliminators, Panzers, and Van Cortlandt Rangers, were only mentioned or briefly featured in the film itself. All other gangs—aside from the Destroyers – are taken from the game. The majority of missions center on the game’s attacking territory of rival gangs. However, five bonus “flashback” operations define how specific members enrolled in the group.

Thirdly, the hub is the game’s corporate headquarters. Players can exercise, and converse with other gang members. They engage in rumble mode and other bonus content, go to Coney Island for more objectives, or start the next chapter of a main plot from within. The player engages in group rumble-style fighting while receiving continuous support from other Fighters. For grips, throws, forceful strikes, and combos, 2 – 3 button chains are used. The playing character can employ to obtain hits to launch their special power attack that rapidly depletes the foe’s strength. Lastly, the battle of fighters their way up through the ranks, earning a strong reputation and displaying their colors with vigor.


  • Take supervision of many characters in the game, each with special abilities and battle techniques.
  •  Explore a thrilling tale that builds upon the first movie, complete with additional objectives and history.
  •  Play together with associates or engage in chaotic scenarios.
  •  Discover the gritty streets of New York with intricate surroundings and well-known spots from film.
  •  Involvement in harsh, realistic street fights with authentic conflict mechanisms.


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