WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2008 Featuring ECW PSP ROM

WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2008 Featuring ECW PSP ROM
Developer & PublisherYuke’s, THQ
File FormatISO
Released Date13 November 2007
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A video game that includes authentic wrestling matches i.e., “WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008”. This game was issued in November 2007 under THQ. Amaze Entertainment is in charge of the Nintendo DS version’s development, while Yuke’s contributes to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation Portable editions. It is also known as WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 featuring ECW. This is the fourth game in the series of SmackDown vs Raw.

The game’s graphics are similar to those of the SvR PSP ports, but Slaughter, Eddie Guerrero, and Jim Neidhart are Legends that can only be activated on PSP. Following Chris Benoit’s double killing and suicide in June 2007, this is the first game in the series without him. Benoit-related materials, such as all variations of cross-face and getting headbutts. And it has been removed or made useless by standard techniques.


Firstly, there are now two battling technique categories for every boxer: a primary and a secondary. For every type of match, there are positive and negative aspects of every struggling style. High-flyer, hardcore, submission, powerhouse, showman, brawler, dirty, and technical are the eight total techniques. The ECW logo is displayed particularly on authorized box art. The number of weapons that are useful within the ring while playing has increased because of game’s ECW branding.

 Secondly, there are multiple game modes available in the game, each with unique objectives and features. The new “WWE 24/7” mode, which gets its name from WWE’s video-on-demand service, combines the Season and General Manager modes from earlier games. The game offers players the option to create their superstar, play as one of the pre-existing stars, or take on the role of general manager for one of the brands. The objective is to take that boxer and become a “legend” in a game of wrestling.

Finally, the player must win matches, form teams struggle with other boxers, and rise in success to finish this. An alternative “struggle submission system” has been added to give players more physical control over the game. Now that the submission has been completed, a player can control the amount of force by adjusting the direction of an analog stick. In the same way, a participant who is in an attacking hold must also use the analog stick to draw power out.


  • The game establishes the newly-established ECW brand along with the well-known Raw and SmackDown! brands.
  • The game permits the player to build their contest.
  • The brand-new “Tournament Mode” enables players to take manage of a superstar. And it progresses through the different stages of the WWE event.
  • The General Manager has the authority to plan events, workouts, and staffing.
  • Determine from a variety of fighting methods, such as Technical, Powerhouse, and High-Flyer, each of which offers various strategies and specific skills.
  • Make a superstar and lead them via a deep career mode. They make choices that affect their journey to fame and fortune.


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